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During our HOT Summer months, how thankful are we for air conditioning in our car?

Make sure your car won’t be boiling hot just when you need to cool down.

Call Us to check your car’s AC to see if there are any leaks or it needs to be topped up.

(301) 631-9292 OR (301) 631-0050

We all know what it feels like to climb into baking hot car on a mid-summer’s day.

Isn’t it a relief when you know, in just a minute or two, you’ll be feeling a soothing cool breeze from your car’s air conditioning system?

But what if your a/c is not working?

Most of us have gotten used to the luxury of air conditioning and dread the thought of getting into a 120+ degree car. It’s no joke.

So make sure your a/c gets a quick check over before the hot summer arrives.

We offer a great service for your car’s AC. Check out our video to see how it’s done.