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Electric Vehicles also have many parts including suspension, brakes, and tires etc. that do not require a trip to the dealership.

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Service and Repair for EVs

As the proud owners of Clearview Car Care, with two downtown auto repair shops in Frederick, MD, we’d like to let you know that we also provide comprehensive mechanical level servicing for electric vehicles (EVs).

Using the latest technology and tools, our skilled technicians are equipped to ensure your EV always receives the highest quality care, without the need for specialized EV technicians for every service or repair. Here’s a detailed look at the services we offer.

EV Brake System Maintenance and Repair

Our brake system services for EVs are comprehensive, ensuring your safety and the vehicle’s optimal performance. We meticulously inspect, service, and repair brake pads, rotors, and fluids, using only the highest quality parts.

Our technicians understand the nuances of regenerative braking systems and ensure that both the conventional and regenerative components of your EV’s braking system are in perfect harmony for a smooth, safe driving experience.

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Many components in Electric Vehicles are the same as in regular cars.

Call us if you need to service your brakes, suspension, tires etc.

You may not need to pay delarship prices.

EV Tire Services & Wheel Alignment

Tires are crucial for safety, efficiency, and comfort. Our tire services include thorough inspections, rotations, balancing, and replacements with top-tier brands to match your EV’s specifications. 

As with regular vehicles, our state of the art precision wheel alignment will ensure your EV drives smoothly, maintaining optimal efficiency while reducing unnecessary tire wear.

EV Suspension System Services

The suspension system of your EV plays a vital role in providing a comfortable ride and maintaining proper handling. Our services include detailed inspections and repairs or replacements of shocks, struts, and other suspension components. 

We use premium parts and our expertise to enhance your vehicle’s stability and ride comfort, ensuring it handles the roads of Frederick, MD, with ease.

EV Cooling System Maintenance

EVs rely on their cooling systems to keep the battery and other components at the right temperature. Our technicians are skilled in servicing and repairing cooling systems, ensuring your EV operates efficiently and avoids overheating. We perform coolant flushes, leak repairs, and radiator maintenance with precision and care.

Air Conditioning and Heating System Repairs For EVs

We ensure your comfort in all seasons by offering comprehensive HVAC services for your EV. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, our team is equipped to handle refrigerant recharges, compressor repairs, and more, ensuring your cabin remains comfortable year-round.

Electrical System Diagnistics

Our shops are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify and fix any electrical issues your EV may face. From battery replacements to lighting and electric window repairs, we ensure every electrical component functions seamlessly, enhancing your driving experience.

12 Volt Battery System On Electric Cars

Though not the main drive battery, this is a crucial component that powers the vehicle’s electronics, lights, and essential features and needs regular checks and replacement.

Our auto repair shops are equipped to handle the servicing and replacement of the 12-volt battery systems in electric vehicles (EVs).

The 12-volt battery is similar to those found in traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, but it plays a critical role in the functionality and reliability of your electric car. Our technicians are trained to diagnose, service, and replace these batteries with precision and care, ensuring that your vehicle’s electrical systems are operating efficiently.

EV General Maintenance

We offer a wide range of general maintenance services, including software updates, 12-volt battery replacement, and more, ensuring your EV runs smoothly. Our approach combines traditional skills with an understanding of the latest EV technologies, providing you with a one-stop solution for all your maintenance needs.

At Clearview Car Care, we’re committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive services for your electric vehicle. Our expertise in EV servicing means you no longer need to seek out specialized technicians for every need. Trust us to maintain your EV with the same honesty, fairness, and reliability we’re known for.