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To be safe, a thorough tire inspection service should be performed regularly.
Let us check your tires are rotated, inflated and balanced correctly (301) 631-9292 OR (301) 631-0050

Tire service

Tire service is another service Clearview Car Care takes pride and care in bringing you. Tire services help in extending the lifespan of your tires.

A series of inspections and tasks are performed to preserve tire durability, and determine whether a rotation, balancing or replacement may be necessary.

Tire repair

If your tires look flat, have uneven tread, or you’ve encountered a minor puncture, our expert tire repair services are just the solution you need. Our tire service can include Inspection, removal of the problematic tire from the rim, liner repair, puncture fill, and remounting and balancing.

Tire pressure check

The pressure in your tires is critical to optimal and safe performance. Incorrect tire pressure can lead to a potential blowout, or weaker, shorter life of your tires.

Tire rotation and balancing

Generally speaking, your tires should be rotated every five thousand miles. Slightly more or less depending on how often, and how far, you drive. This service ensures your tires do not wear out too quickly, and that they remain even.

Clearview Car Care Tire Service
Many people think only tire shops have good prices. Not true. We do too. Give us a call and compare our inclusive price.

Tire Replacement – New Tires

If you need new tires, give us a call. Our prices are competitive to those sold by tire shops. Call us and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Have your tires worn unevenly? If so, this may have been caused by tracking or alignment issues. Have a look at the information on our Wheel Alignment page. Schedule a visit and we can take care of that for you.

You should also seek tire rotation and balancing if:

  • You frequently experience vibration when vehicle is in motion
  • Traction seems weak
  • You can’t remember when they were last rotated and balanced
  • You’ve recently had new tires installed (A professional installation should always include balancing)
  • You notice a visible unevenness in your tires

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