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Poor vehicle handling as well as tire wear issues can occur due to improper wheel alignment. Both our locations in Frederick can check that for you. Call us (301) 631-9292 OR (301) 631-0050

What is Wheel Alignment?

Our wheel alignment service is just one of the many services provided by our technicians at Clearview Car Care. Come see us in Frederick MD today for your wheel alignment, or contact us online to book your car in!

A timely wheel alignment is a necessary part of ensuring your tires and wheels stay in good condition. Alignment reduces risks associated with common road hazards including potholes, uneven roads and general travel; all of which can damage and endanger your tires.

It also helps in preventing common driving concerns, such as steering wheel vibration and drifting.

If your vehicle is not steering or handling the road properly, it now becomes a serious safety issue. Certainly with all that’s happening on the roads these days, you don’t need another distraction.

In general, you should seek alignment annually. More often if you travel long distances or very frequently.

You should also have you wheels aligned if:

  • You notice extensive or undue tire wear; particularly on a specific side of your vehicle
  • Your vehicle drifts, or tends to angle in a specific direction
  • Steering feels tight or you have to correct too frequently
  • Steering wheel vibrates slightly while you are in motion
image of car wheel alignment
Wheel alignment, along with tracking, ensures your car drives straight and true. They also help to prolong the life or your tires by preventing uneven wear.

The expert service technicians at Clearview Car Care can have your alignment handled right away, and with a professional touch. We’ll ensure that your alignment is in exact factory specification and have you back on the road better than ever!

Contact Clearview Car Care today to get the service you and your vehicle deserve today!

If your tires have worn unevenly because of wheel alignment issues, you may need to check the depth of tread across the width of your tire or tires. See information on our Tire Replacement and Repair services. We can supply and fit tires as prices competitive to tire shops.

What's the difference between Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing