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Automotive Engine tune-ups on today’s vehicles are more critical than ever. It’s not just about performance, there are emissions issues and more. Call us to make you car more efficient.

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Clearview Car Care’s Auto Tune Up service is another service we offer and also take great care and pride in. Come visit us at our Frederick, MD location, or contact us Contact Us online for outstanding automotive quality service!

An auto, or engine, tune up involves a series of checks, inspections and replacements that restore engine function and optimize performance. Your average tune up consists of spark plug inspection and or replacement, inspecting an engine’s fuel-system components (oil and air filters, primarily), checking fluid levels and engine component tests and adjustments.

How Often Should You Get A Tune Up?
Vehicles vary in their tune-up requirements. Your recommended time periods can be found in your owner’s manual. Figuring out exact times for all vehicles as a rule can be tricky, as a tune up covers parts of varying use and durability.

Some fluids, for example, may need to be checked and replaced every 3,000 miles, while a PCV valve can go for fifty thousand miles or more.

Some tell-tale signs that you should pursue an auto tune up can be if:

  1. The engine of your vehicle runs rough/noisy when idling or accelerating
  2. Your vehicle stalls frequently, particularly when accelerating or decelerating
  3. You have trouble getting the vehicle to start
    Your fuel economy drops drastically, either rapidly or over time
  4. The “Check Engine” light comes on
  5. You can’t remember the last time you had it checked
image of engine tuning
Engine Tuning is an important part of car maintenance to ensure you're getting the best performance possible.

Get all of the auto tune up services you need with the experts at Clearview Car Care! Our ASE certified technicians warranty their work to guarantee complete satisfaction.