Brake Service

Make an appointment today to have your brakes inspected. Being able to stop is not a luxury you can afford to be without. Call us to service your brakes (301) 631-9292

Brake Service

Brake services are just one of many offered by Clearview Car Care to ensure your vehicle stays in top working and safe condition. Visit us in Frederick, MD today for professional brake service, or contact us on the web.


Brake services are crucial to ensure that your vehicle not only functions well, and in top form; but that you also stay safe on the road. You can count on our expertly trained team to bring you the brake services you need most. Not only that, we’ll give you prompt service, and more effectively than anyone else around!


Brake Inspection
It’s best to have your brakes looked at around every year (or at about 10,000 or so miles) regardless of whether or not anything is wrong at the time. Part of brake health is prevention, and brakes are not something you want a sudden problem with while you’re out driving. We’ll check brake linings and other major brake components to ensure everything’s kosher, and have you back on the road as soon as possible!


Brake Repair
A brake issue can be a precursor to much, much larger problems. If you notice any brake issues, be sure to come in and have them handled by our ASE Certified technicians right away. Keep an eye and ear out for these common signs of brake problems:

  • Squeaking or squealing when you apply the brake
  • A stutter or shaking of your vehicle when applying the brake
  • Grinding sounds
  • Weak or unresponsive braking

Save yourself money, stress, and possibly your life! Be sure to get the brake service you need, with Clearview Car Care today!